Wednesday, August 25


Well this is officially my first blog post! Yepee! I'll get started right away.  Life has been pretty complicated and crazy (alliteration, haha.) since my mom's diagnosis of Stage IV Breast Cancer on June 4, 2008.  I am an only child to an only mother, it's just the two of us.  I will write about more of this later, but I wanted to start with other stuff first.  I am very random when it comes to writing so, I might jump around a bit.  Anyway, tomorrow my mom has an appt with her oncologist (one of my heroes), so this time is more stressful than the other days of the month.  I'm crossing my fingers and praying that her cancer is not spreading.  My aunt had a lung biopsy today, that was pretty scary, I was at school and I kept calling my mom to see how my aunt was doing, so far the doctors are thinking that it is not cancer, but they just need to make sure.  I'm a college freshman so besides this whole cancer shmancer thing, I'm getting adjusted to college.  My major is communication arts. :]  I think this is for now.  I'm going to eat some chicken now :] I will try to post updates at least every week :] Tata for now!

P.S. Thanks for reading!


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