Saturday, August 28

Looks like we made it

Well what a week! Let's see we'll start with the most important events. 
I went with my mom to her oncologist appt. and her blood pressure is fantastic!! Yey Momma! The doctor said that her labs look good so we are happy.  That day she got this liquidy thing to strengthen her bones (which has horrible side effects, she gets shivers and then she gets really hot) but I think that she is starting to feel better. Yay! :] It was crazy though because in the chemo room (where she was getting the liquidy thing), which was very busy, we were talking to people and their "cancer stories" (I guess you could say) and it's just like "Wow, I really hate cancer. You know?" There was this older lady from Hawaii, she was adorable, and then these two sisters, one of them getting chemo and the other one just there for support, it was really nice. Anyway, then my mom got her chemo-ish injection, which is painful, but so far it's working.  I pray that it lasts for a very long time.

My aunt also had a lung biopsy on wed. the 25, the doctors are thinking that it is not cancer but it was still very scary.  I don't want anyone else getting this sucky disease.  On wed. I had a doc appt. because of my lower back surgery over the summer, he said that the incision closed but that I shouldn't be doing anything really crazy.

Next week I will start my second week of college. :] I really enjoy choir and orchestra and getting to see new people.  I really want to be involved in theatre but I don't want to overload myself.  We'll see.  I'll keep you posted :]

Well, thanks for reading! Ciao!



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