Sunday, October 9

2 weeks.

So as of tomorrow night exactly it will have been two weeks since my mom's passing.  I am very proud of how I've been handling this pretty sucky time in my life.  Sure, I have my ups and downs, that's for sure, but as an overall package, I'd say I'm pretty normal. That's weird.  I think she'd be very proud of me too.  I miss her like crazy and still find times where I think "Oh I can't wait to tell her about this" so of course I have those moments where it's like "Hello Amy! She's gone." So, I'm just getting used to that.

Other stuff: It's been kind of hard trying to catch up on two weeks of stuff I missed, some classes it's easier, others not really but I'm getting there.  I'm getting my room here (at my aunt's and uncle's house) really pretty.  The closet is looking nice and organized and my shoes look very organized on the rack thing. It's gonna look really nice once everything is done being organized.  This past weekend was my first time going back to work and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, the bride was really sweet.  Can you believe she got her dress for $189? Well anyway, yeah, she did.  I have a VERY busy week ahead so here we go.  Tomorrow will be my second meeting with Dr. Tucker (counselor) so I'm interested in seeing how it's going to go. I talked a WHOLE lot last time.  I was a little chatterbox, it was nice.  Haha.

Well, I'll leave y'all with these wonderful quotes and such I found on Pinterest.
[Check that website out, it's pretty amazing].

P.S. The Second Sunday Mass in honor of my mom was very nice.  She'd be so happy for me meeting all these nuns! They are all SO NICE! She's always known that I find sisters really sweet and charming. Maybe it's a sign from my momma…?


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