Thursday, October 6

No more FH!

That's right. We don't have to go to the funeral home any more!!! Yes! We went a total of 5 times.  So I was pretty over going there a lot, it's just so depressing you know? Well, actually, I hope y'all don't know because that means having a close relative/friend pass away but anyway.  So I will once again make a list of important stuff going on.

-I have my mom's ashes. [We picked them up on 10.01.11] It's nice having her here with me, if that makes sense. I also have her death certificate [which we picked up today].  It's nice to have all that stuff done though, now it's just focusing on a few more things like bills and stuff and canceling services, etc.  We are almost there though!
-Getting back into the swing of things at school hasn't been too too bad, there are some classes where it's a bit more difficult but there are those (like Beginning Acting) that I enjoy so much that it's okay if I have to have homework, I like that class as well as Country Western Dance (don't judge), haha.
-I need to find a monologue (1m. 45s. long) from a play.  It has to be contemporary and age appropriate (I'm 19) so if y'all have any suggestions please help me out! If any of you guys have seen a play and liked it please let me know the name.  
-I've been okay.  I cried a little more than usual last night but I was venting with my aunt, it was pretty nice to be able to vent with her.
-The sisters where I go to school are honoring my mom at the Second Sunday mass this Sunday. They are so sweet and it will be nice seeing people still supporting my mom and me. 
-I'm probably missing a lot of stuff but I wrote most of what's going on.

I don't know why but this song reminds me of my mom.  
Maybe it's because of the "Don't worry baby..." part. Enjoy!


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