Thursday, November 17

{WFTM}: That time.

I have been very successful in trying new things this week, it's amazing! Again, like before, they aren't "whoa" kind of things but I'm still proud of my improvement.  Before though, quick little story: Wednesday morning I wanted to have a taco from this restaurant right across from my school (they have the most wonderful potato and egg tacos!!!) so I went through the drive thru and ordered one and a lemonade.  As I was paying for it the cashier guy said "Oh and there's another one in there because we had another one".  It was early, so I wasn't sure I was hearing right so I said "thank you", like I always do, and then it hit me as I was driving to school.  These were my thoughts "Did he just say there are TWO tacos in this bag?" and "Nahh, why would they put two? I only ordered one." Well, my friends, there were TWO, I repeat, there were TWO tacos! I got a free taco! I think the real reason was because one of them had cheese and they usually don't put cheese in them so they just gave it to me, hey, I didn't object.  (Oh, and yes, it was delicious! I believe it tasted even better because it was free!) Back to what I was saying about trying new things, I ate the tacos in the morning so by the time lunch rolled around I wasn't that hungry.  I decided to have part of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Sprite.  First of all, I pretty much always eat meat for lunch, I don't know why, I always do.  I haven't had Sprite for the longest time because I'm more of a Coke girl.  Another thing I tried today was parking in backwards, if that makes sense.  I always park forward and never back into a spot because I think it's more difficult.  I did it today though! My mom would be so proud.  Three new things in one week! Yey!

As far as healing, it's just been very stressful lately.  I had two big meltdowns this week so far.  One on Tuesday and one today (Thursday).  Whenever I get really down and feel suffocated, I read the list I made a while ago with all the reasons why I shouldn't be sad.  It's helped but I feel like it's just because it's that time of the year.  I love the holidays, I really do.  It's just, it's different this year and I'm scared.  Some radio stations already started playing holiday songs and this one store I was in started playing them already and it was very difficult.  I hope I get the strength to get through this time while having a enjoying it at the same time.

I still feel my mom would be very proud and would want me to be happy.  So far so good, I think.


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