Friday, December 23

10-day Vacation

So we are going on a 10-day vacation.  I'm packing right now.  I've had two meltdowns today.  Yeah, a bit out of the ordinary but the day after tomorrow is Christmas Eve and then, of course, there's Christmas.  If you know me, you know I LOVE Christmas.  I love everything about it.  I always loved spending this holiday with my mom but obviously, this year is different.  I will be okay.  I will pick up the pieces and move on but it's especially difficult during this time of the year.  Not too mention New Year's coming up.  After her 2008 diagnosis each New Year's was a "Yay! We've made it this far!" but it always came with the fear of the following year.  Now, there's no fear, just sadness.  I still feel she's alive, you know?

Back to the whole vacation thing, I won't give away too much, gotta keep it private you know? We will be watching a professional football game!!! Aaah! We will be spending Christmas there and then come down a little bit and go to the Timeshare thing where we get to go horseback ridding.  So, yeah as I'm typing this I just realized that I've already told y'all this, well it doesn't hurt to tell y'all again.  I'm excited.  I just don't like packing though because I always overpack.  Oh dear.  Wish me luck to not overpack like a crazy girl!

Guess who's seeing the one and only Kelly Clarkson in concert???? YUP!!!! You guessed it! I'm so excited, I'm gonna go with my friend Katie!! I'm beyond excited!!!! I went to a Kelly Clarkson concert with my mom when I was in middle school and it was absolutely amazing!!!! I know she would be so happy for me right now! I was listening to a song on Pandora (on Jasper, my iPhone) and a commercial thing popped up and they talked about her going on tour and about going to the website, so you best believe I did exactly that. And tadaaa!!! She's coming to my city! So excited.  The countdown starts now!

Another thing, I called the periodontist to get my teeth situation fixed.  They called me back and asked about a different doctor, like getting an appt with him so they were looking for an appt for me.  They offered two options, both which really did not work.  I basically told them I really needed to get this fixed and so they were able to make room for me for a perfect time! Just shows what a little perseverance can do!

So, if I don't blog before then, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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