Wednesday, December 21

Everything and anything

Let's get straight to the good stuff:

-I got pretty good grades in my classes this semester, not my best grades but considering the following, I feel I did pretty well.
     -I started school living at the skilled nursing facility with my momma.
     -We were in and out of the hospital the entire time (from August-end of September, not including the summer)
     -My mom passed away close to the middle of the semester.
 I needed to make a short little list because I am way too hard on myself.  I got a B+ in my Video Production I class and it was my first, hopefully only, B+ in college.  I got two A- and the rest were A's, oh and one incomplete.  I got an A- in Beginning Acting and it's probably the grade I'm most proud of.    My GPA is 3.90 which is still pretty amazing.
-I'm really excited about the possibility of studying abroad in Italy.  I've gotten more signs from my momma so I'm hoping and praying for the best.  My aunt even wrote in her calendar the day I could possibly go to Italy.  It was really nice.  It's kind of like if we write it in the calendar, maybe it will come true.
-I've loved catching up with friends this break.  It's been really nice.  I've learned how to do different hairstyles and paint my nails differently.  Liz and I have been experimenting a lot with all that!
-I've been having lots of "moments" lately because of the holidays.  It's been difficult but they don't last that long, which is good.
-My room at my aunt's and uncle's house was just painted! I chose "Indulgent Mocha" color.
-I'm starting to decorate/organize my room a lot now so cross your fingers it looks good.
-Unfortunately, this past weekend, my boss' mother passed away.  It's just awful to know what she is feeling.  Please pray for her.
-Also, please pray for one of my high school English teacher's father, he is in hospice and, again, I know all too well what hospice is and the feelings associated with having a parent there.  Please pray for her.
-There are so many more people that I'm praying for, if I've said to y'all I'm praying for you guys, know that I am.  Prayers are very powerful, trust me.
-My adopted aunt and uncle and my aunt's sister and nephews are all gonna come down, well, my aunt and uncle are here, duh, but her sister and nephews are coming down because we will be going to a football game! It's professional football but I'm trying to keep it semi-private, you know? Anyway, we'll be there for Christmas and we'll travel a bit down and stay at a Timeshare for New Year's! I'm excited! There will be horseback riding! Interesting fact: My mom was terribly afraid of horses but was there with me when I wanted to ride one.  She was seriously one heck of a woman! My grandma really liked horses and loved to horseback ride.  I really wish I could have met her.  Well, one day I will, when I'm super old and wrinkly! I want to be as strong as they were/are (in heaven) and I know I have the tools to do so.
-I'm going to try writing stuff I realize.  I know that sounds weird.  I guess maybe they're called epiphanies.  I get those every now and then but I should probably right them down.  I don't know if I'm making sense, it could be that I'm just so tired I don't make sense but let's hope I do.
-I hope y'all are done Christmas shopping! Happy Holidays!


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