Saturday, December 3

Lots of catching up!

So I've experienced the typical college thing of not having enough time, which is why I have not been able to blog for a while. With that being said, there's a lot to catch up on! List time again!

-Thanksgiving wasn't that bad. It was kinda nice, we played Mexican Train game with my aunt's and uncle's neighbors and their family.  I did have a baby meltdown before but it was fine, I moved on.
-Finals are next week! I'm a bit stressed but thankful everything else in my life is okay.
-We have our Fall Concert this Sunday.  (Choir) I'm a bit worried about it because it's my first concert without her.  I really miss her guys.  It's difficult sometimes to explain the pain I feel when it really hurts but I guess I'm doing fine.
-I got some stuff from these two stores and they are amazing!
-I'm trying a lot of new things lately, it's pretty wonderful to be able to do stuff spontaneously.  For example, this week alone, I went to a workshop with this advertising company, I went to a dress rehearsal of my school's production of A Christmas Carol and a friend's wedding after party thing (we're in Italian together and we did this amazing oral exam and made a video and everyone laughed, it was magnificent!).  Everything was pretty much spur of the moment kind of thing! It was nice.
-I know y'all have been drooling over the picture of Tiramisu.  Today some of my friends and I went to this one restaurant (it was amazing!) and my friend got Tiramisu and we shared a bit! Fact: I don't like sweets.  Desert.  Chocolate.  None of it.  But, Tiramisu is one of those things that are just TO DIE FOR! Seriously, it's amazing! If you haven't tried it, I strongly recommend it!
-My friend let me borrow his copy of 500 Days of Summer and OH MY GOODNESS! So adorable, sweet, and fantastic! I loved it! I strongly recommend this movie! I mean, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel? Yeah, so wonderful!
-We moved out of the "new apt".  It was pretty difficult because I kept on thinking about all the things that didn't happen.  All the opportunities we had that aren't needed or going to be used anymore.  It's been a bit over two months and there are still moments when I think she's still alive.  Not gonna lie, it sucks.
-The other day I wanted to get an extra copy of my ad for my WFTM class and I thought in my head "Yeah, get another one so you can show your mom".  Then I stopped myself because obviously, it's not true.
-I feel like she's happy though, you know? She's seeing me live my life and learn things on my own.  I make decisions, I make plans and most importantly, I plan about New York and my future.  <3
-Today I saw two tarantulas! YES, MY FRIENDS, that's right.  TWO!!!!!! If you know me, you know I'm not a fan of insects, bugs, etc.  I mean, butterflies scare me! That's how weird this phobia is for me so it was amazing I didn't run screaming!  I was thrown off by the first one though.  That's for sure.
-I feel like I'm missing stuff but I got the highlights.  I wanted to add more pictures but it isn't working.  Oh well, maybe next time!

Happy last week of school for my fellow peeps! Haha. Just kidding.


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