Wednesday, January 11

New year without her.

Not gonna lie, I've been in a slump since I've last written.  I won't make this one long because I should really be going to bed but I just need to get this out somehow.  Here's a quick summary:

-I got my dental procedure done! I had a meltdown the day of the surgery because, basically, I wanted my mom with me.  I got IV anesthesia and there were plenty of things that reminded me of my mom and so I had a meltdown.  Unfortunately, it wasn't the first one of 2012.
-It's been extremely difficult lately because there are so many things that I wish my mom were here for.  I don't think I'm getting worse, it's just different.
-I started a new semester, my fourth one, to be exact, and it just kind of hit me.  I won't go home and tell her everything about my day because she isn't here.
-There are plenty of things that just bother me because it's been over 100 days since she passed and I'm still falling apart.
-I'm having financial issues because, heck, I'm a freakin' college student! Everything is overwhelming but most of all, I miss my mom.
-So, thank you for letting me vent.  I know I'm doing okay, it's just it's very difficult sometimes.  Many good things have happened lately but it's just hard because I wish she were here to share them with me.
-So, guys, please pray for me.  I used to ask y'all to please pray for my momma but I'm scared.  Terrified, to be exact.  Of everything.  I've prayed and asked God to lead me in the right direction and help me during these difficult times.  Please and thank you.
-Let's pray this 2012 is a good year for all of us.


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