Sunday, January 22


First of all, I've been meaning to write a post for THE LONGEST TIME, I've just been super overwhelmed with everything in life.

Here are the most recent events that have occurred that deserve blogging:

-I LOST 5 POUNDS!!!! :) Since I had the surgery on my teeth/gums I haven't had soda!!! That's two weeks and two days! I've also been eating super healthy.  My friends and I even are using this app called Fitness Pal and it's pretty amazing.  I seriously started jumping up and down when I saw that I lost 5 pounds! Wish me luck in losing the rest I want to lose!

-I am getting better at not spending as much money!
-I'm still looking for a second job.  So far my options are: Starbucks, Half-Priced Books, Forever 21 and this other restaurant.  Wish me luck!
-I haven't had a horrible meltdown in two days! I went through a seriously rough patch for a long time but I think I'm coming out of that funk.  Yay! My momma would be proud. Thank you for the prayers!
-I have recently started watching Charmed with my friends and I'm so happy.  My mom and I used to watch Charmed religiously.  She was the one that got me into the show and I remember watching it with her so it's nice that I'm doing something that reminds me of her in a sweet way without making me depressed.  We are currently on Season 1. It's weird to see how young they all looked! 

I know I'm missing a lot of stuff but I just needed to blog.  Happy Sunday!


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