Monday, February 6

Weight, Giants, Acting

-I apologize for not blogging as much but I've been super busy with stuff but I'm glad to tell y'all that…DRUM ROLL….I've lost 3 more pounds! I have lost 8 pounds total!!! :) I'm so excited! My pants are big on me! I'm waiting to get to my goal weight so I can get new jeans!!! 

-School has been going okay, some classes are definitely not as fun as others but that's what college is so it's all okay.


-My friends and I are part of this skit kind of company thing and we have been working on shorts and stuff and it's been SO. MUCH. FUN. Not even kidding.  We just finished filming this one horror short film and it was frickin fantastic! I got to cry in it! It definitely cured my acting withdrawals for the time being. I will most likely share this with y'all because I'm beyond proud of it.

-I will share more info soon but I just wanted to post something because I really needed to share stuff with y'all. :) 

-P.S. Happy Monday!

My momma would be so happy for me. ♥


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