Monday, January 23

The College Life.

So I wanted to post a more thorough description of my classes I'm taking this semester so here it goes.  I'm a junior so some of these are upper level! What up! Haha.

-We have a new teacher because the one we had moved to Washington state because her husband got a different kind of job there, so I miss her but this new teacher reminds me a bit of Liza Minelli which is super cool.
-She is from Milan!
-She'll sometimes just start talking a whole bunch in Italian which gets me happy because sometimes I can actually understand her! And plus, I feel it prepares me for the possibility of studying abroad in Rome.

-I've had this teacher for three other semesters and he is amazing and fun! I love this class!
-We got these few pieces already and they are to die for! They are absolutely beautiful! Especially Hard Times by Stephen Foster (Arranged by Craig Hella Johnson) (Love his middle name-Hella!) Haha. I got chills the first time we sightread parts of it.
-We've got plenty of performances coming up so I'm excited.

-I had this teacher my first semester so it's nice to be in familiar territory, she's really nice and knows her stuff.
-This class is really making me think about so many things so it's nice.
-I know like three people in this class which makes it more fun.

-This is the incomplete that I got last semester (Writing for the Media) so I'm looking to get the Basic News Story done.
-I adore this teacher though! She's amazing! (Oh, she's from New York, btw.)

-Probably my least favorite class :(
-And it's just too bad because it's for my theatre minor.
-We are learning about tools and stuff like that, I'm not a big fan but I'm hoping this class gets better.
-P.S. It's difficult.

-I love this class!
-My professor has a British/Scottish accent! She's awesome and she's teaching my favorite subject.
-We are learning stuff I enjoy so it's wonderful.
-The class is taught as if we were all Education majors, which is interesting.
-We are going to go to read to 3rd graders!!! How amazing right? I'm excited!

-I like this class, I had this professor last semester. He gave me my first (and hopefully only) B+ in college.  I hope this semester goes better.
-For our first project I'm going to the producer! We will be doing interviews!

So there they are but (and this is the best part)…


-Katie and I took a class at school today and oh my goodness! I'm in love!
 Thank you so much Cassey for telling me about it! 
-If y'all haven't tried it you are missing out! It's so so so much fun!
- It's basically dancing like crazy for an hour! 
-Here's a clip of what zumba is (an example).  
-We didn't do it this hardcore but maybe the mix it up! I'm super stoked to keep 
doing this every Monday, I can't do it Wednesdays because of my Video
 Production II class but I'm pumped for Mondays!

My mom would be so happy for me.  LOVE YOU MOMMA!


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