Tuesday, January 15

Advanced Acting & Writing the Script

So, I wanted to update y'all on the first day of the new semester after that very vague post yesterday. Haha :)

Got up and showered and got ready for school.
I was SO not awake. 
 I'm not a morning person and neither is Mickey 
and we somehow ended up with 9am classes Monday-Thursday. Yikes. 

Advanced Acting class!
Loved it! I'm so excited!
Mickey and I love this teacher, we've both had him before so we were excited to have a class with him.
I'm so excited to show my monologues (which he said we'll do Wednesday) 
We got scenes!! :)
Let's just say, this is a wonderful way to start Monday mornings.  
It's gonna be a hard but super fun class. I'm pumped!

Mickey and I were done with our first class! 
We ate and took a nap until our next one. 

We got to visit our fellow Comm Arts people and it was so nice to be back home with these kids. 
 I'm sure gonna miss them when we graduate. 

Writing the Script class!
Loved it! I'm so excited!
We've also both had this teacher before but we haven't had her 
together for the same class in a long time and we love her too!
She described what we'll be doing in that class and I just got so excited!! 
That class is gonna be amazing, I can't wait.

4:30ish pm. 
Mickey and I went to ihop to celebrate our first day.
  I was tired and a bit nervous about a new semester
 starting but he always has a way of 
cheering me up and making me happy.
 I mean, just look at that smile!
 He's freaking amazing

{Isn't it funny how ihop and iPhone both have the "i" thing going on? 
Random thing I noticed, haha.} 

We spent the rest of the day playing on his iPad and reading a play for our class. 
We have so much fun doing homework together.  We're such cool kids.  

Play Analysis
TV Practicum
Law and the Media {cue scary music...dun dun dun!}

I will keep y'all posted! I'm glad I got to relieve some stress by writing.  I woke up this morning thinking about how I was starting yet another semester without my momma and I got sad.  I know she's watching me from heaven cheering me on as I start my last spring semester of my undergrad career.  And I know just how proud she'll be once I graduate as the first college graduate in my family. 
 Thank you for guiding me in the right direction and for raising me to be such a strong girl. 
 I love you mommy. ♥

Hope y'all had a great first day back as well! 


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