Thursday, January 17

Play Analysis, TV Practicum & Law and the Media

I'd like to start off by saying that I'm so proud of how I've been managing my time lately. 
Toot Toot! 
{that's me tooting my own horn}

I left the house pretty early on Tuesday because Mickey and I wanted to get breakfast tacos (yum) but it didn't work out exactly as planned because traffic got in the way but don't worry, we did get breakfast tacos after all, even if they were from our school's smoothie place. 
(they were goood)

Play Analysis
Pretty interesting class! 
Mickey and I already started reading the first play together and it was so much fun!! We did it in different voices and everything.  Yes. We're awesome.  ;)
It seems like it's gonna be a fun class!  I'm excited

We had the tacos & other munchies.
(Geez, I love food.)
[sidenote: current weight loss amount is 22lbs! What up! Mickey's is 52 lbs! So proud of us!]

TV Practicum
OMG. I'm so pumped!
I can't wait to volunteer and learn so much and be infront of the camera 
and behind the camera and running the teleprompter and doing all of that really 
cool stuff again and having so much fun...aaahhhh! I'm so excited!
Oh btw, we got free t-shirts advertising our campus tv station! 
(I was like the second one in line to get free souvenirs. #dork)
Mickey and I are already volunteering for a basketball game! Whooohoo!

Let's just say, having this ginormous break from 1:15-basically 5:45pm is new to me. 
 It was really weird because it felt like a different day but
I think it's just something to get used to. 
 You know?

Law and the Media (dun dun dun)
Okay, so this is all Comm Arts people's most difficult and dreaded class so I was okay for being a bit nervous about it. 
We chose a different teacher because it fit our schedule better but yikes! 
She is a graduate from our university and was taught by the other Law and the Media teacher. 
 She uses his same handouts and way of teaching but I'm 
hopeful even after the scaring she did to us. 
Heck, I'm my mother's daughter, 
I've got determination and this class ain't kicking my butt. 

2 sidenotes:

[1. Our teacher and her husband met in the Comm Arts department and even took the class together.  She was talking about how they'd compete with each other and stuff and it was SO CUTE. Call me cheesy but this totally reminded me of Mickey and me.  ♥]

[2. Speaking of my momma, my aunt found some Christmas ornaments as she was moving stuff around and they had my mom and my name on each one.  It was almost like a little sweet surprise from my momma.  I know she's really proud and watching over me every day, especially this new week of classes.  I love you sweet, darling momma!]

The night concluded with getting some things done, which included getting Starbucks with this freaking amazing weather and catching up with an old friend and starting a routine for Tuesday nights.  :)

As far as today, well, that's for another time!
Hope y'all are doing well this week!


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