Monday, January 7

Be fearless.

I realized after I posted last time that I, in fact, did have a resolution last year! It was to 
"try new things, be fearless." 
I don't know about the fearless part but I know I've certainly tried
 new things. Mickey, as I mentioned in our 6 months post, has been there
 for me for a while and he's helped me so much this past year 
with this resolution without him even knowing it.  
It's freaking amazing having your best friend and boyfriend in one person.  

So these past couple of days I've been looking at my Pinterest boards and trying to organize them and looked a lot at my bucket list and I'm proud to say that I'm completing some of them! 
So, in list form, I will talk about {accidentally} fulfilling my 2012 New Year's Resolution!
(I may have mentioned a few of these previously, but there are tons of new ones!)

-Stopped drinking soda!
*It's been a year since I've had soda!*

-Went to a club
-{Danced with a nice stranger at said club}

-Fun fun fun!

-Mickey and I had Chicken and Waffles.
{My first time}
-Participated with television-related stuff at school
-Mickey's 21st birthday!

-Got confirmed
After lots of money that's for sure!
-Mickey and I were going to go there for our first date together but God had much better plans. ;)
We went there eventually!

-Filed taxes by myself

-Got oil change for Anderson 
{my car} by myself 

-Baked something from scratch

-Became a server

-Learned to drive on highways

-Flown on a plane by myself
{Mickey and I both did that separately but for the first time}

-Mickey and I tried vegan food and here are a few more:


I know there are tons more but I just wanted to show how many new things I did this year and how I feel that this resolution is one that many of us can try! 

Lastly, and most importantly, this one happened.

I love you Mickey.  Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world. 


Minnie said...

Haha I love the "Touch someones tatoo!"
Never really thought of touching it ^^

really nice post
xoxo Minnie

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