Wednesday, January 2

NYE, Resolutions & New Blogger in Town!

So, I'd like to start this blog posts by wishing y'all a 
HAPPY 2013!

Whoohoo! I can't believe how fast 2012 flew by.  I'm certainly 
glad 2013 is here and I'm excited for the future.  

Here's a recap of my New Year's Eve!

I woke up and took about 2 hours to exercise, take a shower and get ready. The whole shabang.  
Once I got to Mickey's house we played Wii and watched movies.  

{Side note: My mom and I had this tradition of watching a movie
 in the evening every NYE and so Mickey and I decided to keep that tradition going.}

So we watched two movies actually: 
The Kids Are Alright (his choice)
New Year's Eve (my choice)

Both were good but NYE was a bit of a disappointment, we already came up with a plan of watching When Harry Met Sally next NYE! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! 

It was a fantastic day and it was wonderful to get to see some of Mickey's family again! I missed them so much since I was gone for a weeklong trip up to the Northwest.  And duh, I missed Mickey like crazy. 

Mickey and I rang in the New Year partially with
 New York (this time with Ryan Seacrest) and partially with our city.  
(Another one of our traditions-my mom and mine).

And then! Before we knew it we were in 2013 ringing in the new year the way couples do.  
I'm a fan.  ;)

He's just the bee's knees.

So, as far as today? Yeah, we played Wii again and burned calories! We ate and ate and ate and had a semi-marathon of How I Met Your Mother! Love that show.
{Two words: Marshmallow & Lillypad}

Lastly, I've decided on a few resolutions this year.  Last year I didn't really set
any but ended up eating healthier and losing 20lbs! I think setting
 resolutions is something important and so here are mine.

1. Be more organized.
{Mainly my room.  When I'm in school my room kind of gets all the stress and craziness I experience and so I will work on keeping it as organized as possible with the small amount of space.  I've already kept the bathroom pretty freaking amazing!}

2. Keep losing weight.
{It will soon mark a year since I've had soda! I want to continue to take care of myself.}

3. Work more toward my career goals.
{I've ventured out of my comfort zones this year and it's helped me be more confident but I want to work in my field of choice and no longer just trying to pay the bills.  I'm still working at the chapel :) but as far as Cracker Barrel, no more.  Reasons are just too long to list. Definitely working at a TV station would be good.  So that's a very important resolution to me.}

I believe these resolutions are achievable and I'm hoping 2013
will be filled with laughter, health and amazing memories and experiences! I can't wait!

***Lastly! Welcome my new favorite blogger: MICKEY! 
He likes to blog about films (his passion) and other amazing things as well! 
Check his blog out
 Glad to have you on board Mickey! ;)


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