Friday, June 14

21 Days After My 21st Birthday

So it's weird to think it's been 21 days since my 21st birthday! 
Where has the time gone?

Anyway, so in my previous post, I talked about my trip to New York.  Well, my aunt and I returned on the eve of my birthday and I continued celebrating! The plan was that on the 24th my friends and I would go to a local western dance hall.  I wanted to embrace my southern roots. :) 
Certain plans changed for the 24th and the 25th but I spent it with amazing people and I was happy and I know my mom was happy for me. :) 

* I don't do well with flash photography which is why my eyes look funky in the fourth picture. 
*The Minnie Mouse button was given to me by Deidra :) 
and the 2-1 was given to me by Wendy [not pictured].

From left to right: Jackie, Sam, Deidra and Mickey. :)

I spent the night at Deidra's house and then had lunch with my aunt and uncle at Olive Garden on my birthday.  Then Mickey gave me the rest of the bagillion presents he had for me and told me about a big surprise he had for me.  Wait for it....A FREAKING GIFT CARD TO THE CONTAINER STORE! If you know me really well, you know my obsession with The Container Store.  Love that place. So, yeah, we went there.  We also walked around downtown and I got a henna tattoo! I've been wanting to get one since I was 17.  My mom and I both looked for places so I could get one when I turned 18 but we weren't lucky.  I just used sharpie and not to toot my own horn but I did amazing! :)
Anyway, I got a henna tattoo, then Mickey and I decided to go eat somewhere and somehow, we ended up at Olive Garden again, a different one of course.  It was awesome. 
It was the perfect end to an amazing 21st birthday. 
Thank you Mickey and all those that made it special. 

Two things I wanted to share. 

My first drink was a shot: a Pink Starbust and then a Creamsicle. 
No, that doesn't mean I'm an alcoholic. No, I don't drink every day. 

Second, I've gotten two henna tattoos since I turned 21. I forgot about the first one and accidentally washed it off.  No, this doesn't mean I want a real tattoo.  I've always thought that it would look creepy when I got old and got saggy. 

I somehow feel like people assume certain things when you reach a certain age but I can assure y'all that although I'm a year older, I'm still the same girl. :)


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