Friday, June 14

The City of Dreams

As promised, I will give a brief recap of my trip to New York. 
My aunt and I left on the 20th and returned the 24th. 

Here is what we saw/went to in no particular order:

-Carlo's Bakery *
[My mom and I used to watch the show on TLC and it 
was awesome to be able to go there! I hope to return and get something from there!]
-Kleinfeld *
[This was one of my favorite places we went.  Again, my mom and I used to watch the show Say Yes to the Dress and even planned our budget for the dress.  It was something very emotional because I always hoped my mom would walk me down the aisle.  I showed my mom my dream dress a couple of years ago and she loved it.  It's funny, she told me that as soon as we moved there she would start making down payments for the dress and then by the time I would get engaged, we would already have the money.  Haha.  I was able to see a couple of the ladies that have appeared on the show! It was awesome! Mickey and I even watch that show sometimes, what can I say? 
The boy has good taste in television shows! ;) ]
-FAO Schwartz *
[This was cool! Last time my mom and I went to New York we weren't able to stop here so I made it a goal to go there this time. I felt like a kid again and I even played THE BIG PIANO!  
I would love to be able to get stuff for my children one day from there. There was this freakishly amazing stroller there! Oh gosh!]
-NBC Studio Tour *
[This was another one of my favorite places! I hope to one day work at NBC and so it was just amazing! We were able to see so many of the studios including the SNL studio.  It just sucked that we couldn't take pictures. At the end of the tour, I somehow volunteered to be the weather girl.  That was fun! After it was over and I got my DVD people suggested I go into television! I was like "Awww, thank you! I am!" It was awesome!]
-St. Patrick's Cathedral *
[This was fun! Although it is under construction, it is still such a beautiful place.  They had an area were you could write good wishes to Pope Francis.  I definitely wrote something in there.  When I was younger I thought I would get married there but it's interesting how things change.  Now, I don't see myself getting married anywhere else other than my chapel.  Crazy, huh? Who would've thought?]
-Central Park *
[I absolutely loved Central Park! I am not a big fan of the outdoors AT ALL but Central Park is perfect for me! It's so gorgeous and there's always something to do!]
-Alfredo of Rome {Restaurant}
[This is where I had the best cappuccino I'VE EVER HAD.]
-Brooklyn Diner 
-Applejack Diner
-Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co. {Restaurant} 
-Disney Store *
[We walked in and it was awesome! There were so many Mickey and Minnie things there that I turned into a little kid in a candy store.  Last Valentine's Day Mickey and I got each other Mickey and Minnie plush toys.  I love all things Mickey and Minnie and so it was pretty cool to see so many of those things there!]
-Grimaldi's Pizzeria
-Lego Store

We stayed at The Manhattan Club. 
They were so very sweet there! 

This was a wonderful trip and made me fall in love with this beautiful city even more.  I missed Mickey terribly and hope to one day go there together! 

But, until then, see you next time NYC! ♡♡♡


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