Monday, July 1

The Internship

No, guys, I'm not talking about the movie, 
although, perfect timing right?

So a while ago I told y'all a bit about my internship. 
So here are more juicy details. :)

I started on the 28th of May! 
I remember my first day vaguely. 
I just remember being really nervous 
and following a reporter and photographer
It was kind of intimidating.
Grace, the reporter I followed, was very sweet and I learned a lot even from that first day. :)

Mickey had started that same internship the week prior (when I was in NYC) 
so I was excited that I would know at least one person there!

This internship is a news internship for a tv station that's pretty familiar to everyone.
They are very laid back so it's up to you to learn stuff. 
You get out of it what you put into it. 

So here are some things Mickey and I've done in our internship:

-Followed (news) reporters and photographers
-Followed the entertainment reporter/photographer 
(he's a one man show, he's awesome.)
-I've shot teases and standups
-We've been complimented
-We've written stuff that AIRED ON TV!
-We've edited 
-Mickey's shot weather stuff and other things that got on air
-I've shot a couple of things
-Met fantastic people
-Had fun
-Learned things

We go there Monday-Thursday. 
They even have a daytime show that I really want to be a part of!
I went to one of their shows and it was UNBELIEVABLE!
I actually danced during their credits (along with other crew members).

So, that's it! 
We've been having fun! 
Tomorrow Mickey starts his summer II classes! 
And tomorrow I have an interview for another part-time job! 
Wish us luck! :)

Happy Early 4th of July! 

Oh and other stuff that happened to us here and just some other pictures :)


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