Saturday, July 13


For the Fourth of July this year, I went to Louisiana with Mickey and his parents! 
It was amazing! 
We went to 

So we left on the Fourth of July, like at around 3pm and got there late.  
The trip over there was fun.
Mickey and I played with his iPad and talked on the way. 
It was fun!
(I even packed snacks along the way)
[Life Cinnamon Cereal in serving sizes consisting of 120 calories!
Welch's Fruit Snacks & other stuff!]
Once we got there, we rested a bit and went gambling! 
A first for Mickey and me. 
We got carded [YEPEE] and I got a bracelet put on 
because I look like I'm 12 basically. It read "LEGAL age"
We walked in and my mind was blown. 
Seriously guys. Have y'all ever been to a casino? It's like a candy shop for adults or somethin'.  

Let me preface this by saying that Mickey's parents are really lucky and freakishly good at gambling.  They know their stuff. :)

They won lots of money on the trip and won some pretty much as soon as we got there!
I warned ya.  
They're professionals.  :)

Mickey won a lot as well.
Hmm... I could get used to that. :)

I didn't win money till almost the last day we were there and it was awesome! 
I won $78 and screamed as if I had won a bagillion dollars.
I was one happy camper.  

I was carded one other time even though I was wearing the bracelet.
The officer grabbed my arm and asked me for my ID and she then said "You just look so young."
[It's a gift, ladies and gentlemen.]

Mickey played Black Jack and we played Roulette 
we both won money there too! 
26 black
 (I decided on part of that number because my sweet momma was born on April 26)

Mickey and I went swimming and ate at some of the restaurants and had a fabulous time. We even went to this club they had there and listened to basically my "Get Low" station on Pandora live.
I felt so gangster.   
Did I mention that most of the people there were at least twice our age?
Yeah. We were like babies there. 

OOooooh! Also, there was this area where they had  drinks like coffee, tea, water, even Icee's or something like that:

I guess shelling out all that money gambling gives gamblers the right to free drinks! 
That was definitely one of the greatest things ever. 
Powdered! This was also pretty cool!

Sorry for the blurriness of this picture below but it's such a cute stereotypical picture taken by a complete stranger. :)

This was our last picture there before going to Isle of Capri in Lake Charles, LA. 

This was cool.  
We played Black Jack (I won $80!) here and of course, the slot machines!
We were pros by this time though! We knew the rules of gambling and everything!
We came back that Saturday after the Fourth of July and were zombies but I have to say, that is one of the funnest roadtrips I've ever had. 

Mickey, thank you for being my good luck charm. 

Thank you to the Martinez family for inviting me.  
Y'all are amazing!
Count me in next time! 


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