Thursday, December 8

La La Land

Mickey and I got free tickets to see La La Land yesterday 
night in Downtown LA and we were super pumped!

I went ahead of time and stood in line for 
a while as the line grew and grew and then Mickey met up with me.
We haven't really been able to stop and enjoy the view in LA 
at night since we don't really work in that area and it was so nice to be able to do so. 

As for the movie, SO FREAKING GOOD.  
Highly recommend watching it. 
So inspirational as well, especially watching from LA.

It's so difficult, most of the time, to just go for your dreams because of fears.
Fears of failing.  Fears of not being good enough. Fears of wasting your time.

Since we've moved out here, it's been a real life-lesson to me that although most people would quit, I just C A N N O T see myself doing anything else but working in the entertainment industry.  I've come close to finding a seriously good job and I'm certainly not giving up. 

We felt so inspired by this movie and I feel like the same thing will happen when people watch it. 

After the movie ended, we ditched Yelp to see
 where to eat and decided to be spontaneous and just walk around. 

That's when we ran into this beauty!
Sometimes when you don't plan things, the best things happen.  
You can quote me on that. ;)

So, here's to me letting go and seeing where God wants me!

P.S. Just made a new food blog.  
Totally a long time coming, since I'm that kind 
of person that takes pictures of her food.  I'm 
super proud of it and will continue growing it. 
You can click on the tab above where it says "Foodie & Fittie" or click here


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