Monday, December 12


The month of November was extremely busy and, unfortunately, very devastating.
A day before Mickey's 25th birthday, my aunt passed away.
I flew to Texas to see my uncle and attend the services there and then we flew together to New Hampshire for the funeral and burial. 
My uncle had some points that allowed us to fly first class at no extra cost.
It was nice and it allowed for my uncle
 to comfortably fly (since he's so tall, most planes are too confined).
It was surreal to go through everything.
I had just talked to my aunt a few days before her open heart surgery, on her birthday, and I even told her we would hopefully see her soon.

It's very strange even now.
There are so many stories I remember of the three of us. 
My mom, my aunt and me. 
I'm the only one to remember those stories now.

I've been healing and talking to my uncle on the phone.
It was great to see everyone and spend time with him.


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