Monday, September 6

Hope Floats

Well this past week has been kind of crazy.  Let's see. Well one night I had this really scary dream that I was diagnosed with cancer, it was extremely scary.  I told my mom about it and she was like "No baby, no" trying to comfort me.  I really hate all these cancer-related nightmares that I sometimes get.  Anyway, I haven't gotten any more scary nightmares anymore.  My mom and I went  with my mom's friend and her friend to this charismatic kind of thing at a church, it is when the Holy Spirit comes down and talks to people and makes them speak in different languages.  It was pretty interesting.  We were able to meet my mom's friend's friend, she was just recently diagnosed with Stage 3, (I think colon cancer, I'm not sure) but it was really nice to be able to talk to somebody who is kind of going through the same thing. 
Well, on a lighter note, I'm getting adjusted to college, it's kind of nice.  I won this prize thing that I entered at the mall, which is pretty cool.  My mom and I are still trying to see if we will go with this vacation kind of thing.  We'll see.
Today is Labor Day woohoo! I think that's pretty much it. 

Well auf weidersehen!
P.S. Thanks Sydney for the German spelling help! :]

Thanks for reading!


urbans volks said...

yeah lo lei y me parecio bien yo no sabia que tenias blog y pues buenos saludos para ti y para tu mama que esten bien saludos ....


Anonymous said...

hey! i went to one of those charismatic churches this weekend, too. <3 first time in a loooong time for me...

anyway! i'll be praying for you... i only know that God has amazing plans for you and that he will use you like you won't believe possible.

i was telling God last night that sometimes, i feel like my relationship with him is almost too personal... lol and i hope it isn't a bad thing.

that is a really great picture, by the way. i'm really proud of you, and i'm so glad to be able to call you my cousin. :)

you can talk to me any time.

-Price, Ruthanne

Amy said...

Jorge: Gracias, saludos alla!

Ruthanne: Thanks cousin! It really means a lot! Ditto.

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