Wednesday, September 15

And this is why I hate cars.

Talk about a sucky day. I'll start from the beginning...kind of.
So I just recently got my driver's license because I have been scared of driving for a very long time.  I got my license in less than a month, which was kind of nice but eh.  My mom and I have been alternating when we each get to drive because sometimes I get out of school soooo tired, especially on mondays and wednesdays... :[ My mom, like many others I guess, have this kind of sixth sense that they can feel when there is something wrong.  My mom took over the car twice in like the last two months because she wanted to or because I was tired, anywho both times there was like a huge car accident or something bad ahead. 

Soo (here's where the story begins) today she drove because I was really tired.  We were on our way home in a very quiet street, which we pretty much always take when out of nowhere this big red truck crashed into the "upper left quarter panel" (that's I think what it's called), pretty close to my mom's door.  Everything happened so fast it was like I wasn't living it, but watching somebody else go through this.  The very scary feeling of seeing a giant red truck headed directly to my mom and not being able to do anything is one of the most horrifying feelings I've ever had.  Immediately after it happened I started to ask my mom questions about how she was doing, (we've watching a lot of Grey's Anatomy, which might have helped, but she also used to work in the medical field).  She was very quiet and then said  "I think I may have a broken my arm" this obviously scared me, I had also seen her hit her head, which was also very scary.  This older guy had come to see if we were okay and he helped us a little, thank God for him.  We called 911 and they came VERY FAST which was nice.  I just remember shaking, crying (even though I wanted to be strong) and looking at my mom in pain.  The other lady (probably around her early 20s) was fine, but her truck definitely wasn't.  Anywho, in a matter of seconds I had all these police officers and EMTs asking me questions, it was so scary.  In the meantime, they were trying to see if my mom could move.  I rode in the ambulance with my mom, just wanting her to feel better and not being able to do anything about her horrible pain. 

I called my aunt to tell her about the accident.  We got to the ER and then everything slowed down.  My mom, my aunt and I waited for them to see what they could do about my mom's right arm.  They ended up taking X-rays, which were extremely painful for her, and then they gave her a splint.  They showed us her x-rays and we even got copies. She has a fracture in her upper right arm, in the middle of her elbow and shoulder. 

The entire emergency room experience was too much of a deja vu.  I naturally hate hospitals because of the experiences my mom and I have had there and today was just a repeat.  Even now as I write this I am still shaken.  I know that everything happens for a reason but it is sometimes hard to realize what the reason is. 

The doctor said that he was thinking that her cancer had spread to her right arm, my mom (who used to work in the medical field), my aunt (a nurse) and I (kind of familiar with the medical field) looked at the x-rays and couldn't see the "hot spots" (where the cancer is located).  We'll see what happens. 

As of now, we don't have a car, my mom has a splint, she will have to go to an orthopeadic (sp?) doctor, maybe start radiation again and I am terrified for the future but thankful that this day is over. 

This helps though, thank you for reading.
I will keep you posted. 
Please pray for my mom, thank you.


alexandriakaris said...

praying for you amy !
everything's gna be alright :) <3

- alex h.

Amy said...

thanks Alex.
it means a lot. <3


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