Friday, September 10

Interesting :]

This week was pretty interesting! On thursday, this one girl in my World Lit class came into class with a tiny little turtle, it was adorable! Apparently she had found it that day outside one of our cafeterias.  The turtle made that class so much better. 

Also my mom and I are kitten-sitting this adorable little kitten, his name is Pester and let's just say it has been very eventful :] The first day we took him from my mom's friend's house, he scratched me, but my wrist is okay now :] Then last night, Pester kept on meowing, but he's okay now, he is very relaxed.  My mom and I are trying to get him tired during the day but he keeps on wanting to sleep, he's adorable though, and just what my mom and I needed :] We will be giving him back to my mom's friend, Sylvia, on thursday. 

He was very interested in my laptop screen :]
Ohh, also today my mom and I saw two cars, of the same color, of the same model, and make next to us today, I thought it was pretty cool.

The only thing I didn't like about this week was that on Wednesday, my mom noticed that there was huge car accident on this highway.  On our way back from my school we saw that the ambulance had left and that they were cleaning the cars and the glass from the road.  It made me really sad for the people in the two cars.  I prayed for them though, I hope they are all okay.

Tonight is Stand Up To Cancer, it's weird because I feel like they just had that special, even though it was a year ago, it's really sad that Patrick Swayze has passed away and that this annoying disease they call cancer took him away so fast.  I hope and pray there is a cure for this awful disease soon.

My mom had a sore throat but she is doing much better now! Keep praying for her!

Thanks for reading!
Hasta la pasta!


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