Wednesday, September 15

The day after.

So today was very overwhelming.  My mom and I are still figuring out how to live this new kind of lifestyle for a while, we called so many people (doctors, insurance agency...) that it's kind of a blur now.  My mom, I feel is doing a bit better, but her humerus still hurts her a lot, that it is very difficult for her to move. I have been helping her today.  My mom had nightmares about the accident, all I remember while sleeping is that I just kept on tossing and turning and kind of almost crying, but that's all I remember.  The entire day I have been unconsciously replaying the accident in my head, it's horrible.  My aunt brought my mom and me some food, thank God for her.  I told some people about the accident and it is very nice to know that they are there for me, thank you God for those people.  Today was asdfjkl;jsd but I feel that everyday that we pass after the accident will get better and better.  My mom has to get her labs done tomorrow because of her appt with the oncologist she already had scheduled next week, and then we'll get her medicine and then see what our car looks like.  At the moment we don't have a car, which is terrifying.  I am still very shaken up and my left thumb hurts and I am sore, but I thank God that that's all that I physically feel.

Keep praying!
Thanks for reading.


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