Thursday, September 16

Getting there

Today was somewhat overwhelming.  We are no longer working with the lawyer, my mom got labwork done for her appt (next week) with the oncologist, we have a rental car (which I drove) and Pester, the kitten we were kitty-sitting is now back with Sylvia.  The hardest thing today was going to the Collision place and getting the rental car.
My mom and I had to get all of our things out of the car today because we still don't know if they will be able to fix the car or not.  As the guy drove us closer to our car, my heart just started beating a bazillion beats per minute, and I kept replaying the accident in my head again and again.  Once we saw the car it took a lot for me to not just break down, my mom stayed in the car while I emptied everything out of the car.  It was so hard because we were fine and then a huge red truck just came out of nowhere and changed everything.  It's weird to see how everything was just left like time had stood still.  Another thing that I kept wondering was that on tuesday (the day of the accident) my philosophy teacher let us out of class about 20 minutes earlier than when class was supposed to end.  I kept thinking "what if he would have let us out 20 minutes later? would we still have gotten in the accident?" Then I realized there is no use in thinking about the "What ifs" in life, everything happens for a reason, I still don't know the reason though. 
I took pictures of our car and it was all very sad.  The worst part of it though was getting out of the collision center and having to drive past all these cars that had been in accidents as well.  I started breathing heavily looking around on both sides and seeing rows and rows of messed up cars, it was a nightmare, except my mom and I were sure not dreaming.  It was awful.

Other than that, my mom and I are still trying to think positive and not think about the accident, we know it's a very stressful time and we are focusing on one day at a time.  She has a doctor's appt tomorrow, we will show him the x-rays and see what he has planned, and then he'll schedule an appt for her with an ortho. oncologist. 

I hope that each day will get easier.

Keep praying!
Thanks for reading.


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