Wednesday, September 22

Looking forward

So Monday was pretty hard because I have 5 classes that day (and Wednesday) and it was my first day back after the accident.  I had sent emails to all my teachers telling them why I had been absent and it was amazing to see their responses.  All of them said that they would pray for my mom and me, which made me feel better.  My Intro to Mass Comm teacher gave me inspirational words, my philosophy teacher offered to help me if I needed anything, and my World Lit teacher gave me a hug, the rest of my teachers were very caring as well.  It makes me really happy to know that there are such good people out there in the world.

Apparently the car is totaled which was sad, but then my mom and I started to think about how our old car was well, getting old and maybe this was God's way of telling us to get a new car.  My mom's arm is much better and she is able to move better.  The only hard part now is just the emotional trauma of the accident.  Last night and today have been better, we haven't cried, and we are feeling much stronger but we still get scared being out on the road.  I flinch at the sight of a car too close but I'm working on it.  We should be getting a new car soon.  It's been hard to catch up on a couple of my classes but the weekend is just around the corner.  We are getting back to normal, slowly. 

I had to stop being a community member for orchestra because it was getting to be too much (after the accident), but I will return next semester.

Good news: Glee started last night! Grey's Anatomy and My Generation will start tomorrow! Today I was measured for our choir uniforms!

My mom is going to the oncologist tomorrow, then she'll get scans after that (next week) and then later she'll see the orthopaedic surgeon/oncologist way after that.

I am starting to get nervous about tomorrow because of the accident and her broken arm and the fact that maybe the cancer spread to her arm, but I am praying that it isn't spreading.  I try to focus on distracting things when I get this whole I'm-scared-about-my-mom's-cancer feeling and that's when TV shows come in.  (Part of the reason why I want to be a television producer).

Please pray for my momma!
Thanks for reading.


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