Tuesday, September 28

Where you lead I will follow

So I haven't posted a blog in almost a week and it's partly because of the amount of homework I had to catch up on and partly because it's been very hard dealing with everything after the accident.  I will just talk about the things that happened that pop into my head at the moment. Sorry for the scatter-ness.

So thursday of last week my mom and I took a cab and we had a really nice cab driver, he's a single dad with a daugther, he was very nice.  We have had other nice cab drivers also. 

My mom and I are both very overwhelmed with everything.  I still find times where I just wanna break down and cry but then I think about how we are both okay and that we have each other and that's all that matters.  Also, I am choir (finally!) and singing has been helping get distracted and just have fun.  I am very glad I joined. 

My mom and I took the bus today and it reminded me of New York .  I don't know how we are going to get around without a car at the moment but I pray that God will lead us.

This is kind of random...but on Monday I had my first college experience of a teacher talking to a student that wasn't doing his homework.  It was really interesting to watch, then they went outside and we could still hear them, and then they came back in and then the student left! It was so college!

I will try to post more often because I feel I'm leaving a whole lotta stuff out, eh.  Please pray for my mom and my aunt (my aunt will have heart surgery and lung surgery late October)!

Until next time.


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