Friday, October 1

I love the smell of fall

So my mom and I have been taking the bus more.  I actually kind of like it.  1: Because it reminds me of New York and the subway :] and 2: Because we get to interact with different people.  We will start to look for cars soon because we live in a big city and we need a car.  (I'll keep you updated)

It's really weird because lately I've been having a lot of dreams.  My mom and I have this dream decoder book (I guess that's what you could call it) and we looked up what some of our dreams mean.  So the other day I had this dream that I was in this ginormous choir and we were singing The Wizard of Oz song, like "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz..." one and apparently it means that I will experience deep sadness, which made me really sad. a couple of days after that dream I had this other dream that I went to a big party, almost like Homecoming, and I danced a lot with a bunch of people and apparently it means that I will be very happy, or something to that effect, which made me feel better.  Ooooh and then (and this was one of my favorite dreams), I had a dream that I was a doctor on Grey's Anatomy! haha. The dream means that I am have good feelings or something like that, something good and sweet like that :].  Ohh and last night/this morning I had a dream that I worked for a grocery store and I stocked the shelves and increased sales on some chips (like Tostitos), yeah, that was an interesting dream. It's kind of nice though, having dreams every night and remembering them in the morning :]

Other than that, my mom and I are still trying to cope with the after effect of the accident.  Her arm is doing well, she isn't in as much pain as she was and emotionally, we are doing better.  We are just very stressed about trying to figure everything else out.  It's crazy how that one accident is still affecting us so much.  We are trying to think positively though and we thank God that we are doing okay.

Please keep praying for my mom and my aunt!
Thanks for reading!


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