Wednesday, October 20


My mom has her appt with her oncologist tomorrow, I'm really scared, just because, well I don't know.  I'm just really fidgety.  We are closer to getting a car, but I'm still scared of driving again.  We'll see how it goes.  This first semester in college is treating me very well (school-wise) but I'm just really stressed.  The cab driver that we've been using a few times, his mom had a biopsy, I hope she doesn't have this sucky disease.  He had the sucky disease, I think, or something close to it, so that he had to get chemo-ish medications. 
On a lighter note, next week in my mass communications class next week, wednesday to be exact, we will be having a halloween party, if we dress up we'll get extra credit, so...I'm planning on dressing up as...wait for it....AN ESCAPED TRAUMA PATIENT, ehh, isn't that creative? I have a class like right before this one so I needed to have something fast to change into.  So I have a hospital robe (that my mom got the day of the accident) and a sling, and a hospital bracelet.  It's gonna be amazing. Oooh, also I took this personality/career test thingy that is like really accurate, and I am an ENFP, (Myers-Briggs thing) I used to be an ESFJ, but I guess it wasn't supper accurate, anyway, and this other test thingy says that I am artistic and social :] So the councelor lady said that a good combination of major and minor would be...Major: Communication Arts (what I am majoring in right now) and Minor: Theatre Arts (which I've been thinking of minoring in :] Yepee.
Oh, also yesterday (this was seriously sucky) our first bus was running late, as soon as we got off the first bus we almost ran to try to catch the other bus, he saw us, the bus driver, and he saw my mom, WITH HER CANE, and BROKEN ARM trying to get to the bus, and me WAVING MY ARMS FRANTICALLY TO MAKE HIM STOP and just wait for like 10 seconds, and all he did was wave with his expression reading "No, I don't have time".  I mean seriously??? It just sucked really bad.

Well, that's pretty much the roller coaster of a week (so far) that I've had.
Thanks for reading.
Please pray my mom and I get good news tomorrow at her oncologist!


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