Saturday, October 16

Better Days

So my mom had her CT scan on thursday at the place that she usually gets them done, (that's where she used to work at, so it's nice that we know people there) and then yesterday (friday) she had her bone scan.  The CT scan and her labs were about the same, we won't get the results soon but I pray that she'll be okay, but the same kind of helpless feeling that I get every now and then came back because they had to stick her with needles for her lab and for the CT, the main problem is that her good veins are on her right arm (which is broken from the car accident) so they have been sticking her with needles on her left HAND, which is wayyyy more painful than in the arm, it just sucks, you know? But we were home by noon-ish so we took a very long nap :] (I had fall break from thursday to friday, which was perfect so she could get the scans done.)  So friday was much much better, we thought that she would have to drink this terrible well, drink/contrast for her scan that makes her sick, but they ended up just needing to stick her.  At first, I was just like God, seriously? She just got poked yesterday and she was in tremendous pain, really? Are you really gonna do this again? But then...the lady that injected the contrast was very sweet and my mom was hardly in any pain.  I saw it as God's way of saying "Don't worry Amy, trust me, everything's going to be okay." So it made the both of us feel better.  Oh and the place where she got her bone scan is not the usual place that she goes to get her stuff done so we were trying to figure out what to do with the 3 hours or so that she had to wait for the contrast thingy to get all radiated in her body, so we went outside,close to the cafeteria and we relaxed, it was nice.  Oooh, btw, I am totally obsessed with Grey's Anatomy, and the hospital where they work is a teaching hospital, just like the one we went to, so we saw interns, which totally reminded me of Grey's Anatomy! :]

I know that was really long but I really wanted to write about it.  Oh, also, my intro to mass comm arts teacher (the one in the car accident) suffered minor injuries, I think she might be back at school on monday. So yey! I'm glad that she wasn't severely injured.

My mom and I are trying to stay positive and are even starting to think about moving to New York again, I have a strong feeling in me that just assures me that we'll be there soon, just walking around in Central Park, just thinking to ourselves "we survived". 

P.S. We got a new cable box because ours was apparently really old, haha, and it's really nice, we even got new remote controls! Yepee! :]

Okay, sorry about this post being so long, this week was just so busyy!
Please pray for my mommy and aunt.
Thanks for reading!


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