Monday, October 11

Life is crazy

Okay so today I had Intro to Mass Comm and as soon as I walked into my class I noticed a teacher (that wasn't mine) talking about why my teacher wasn't there.  My Intro to Mass Comm teacher was in a car accident and was released from the hospital.  It's just so sad that this happened to her, (and a bit ironic) because she was one of the teachers that was very understanding when I told her about our car accident.  It's just horrible, I just pray that she wasn't injured.

Another thing, Courtney Cox and David Arquette split up! I find this very sad because they seemed like one of the couples out there in the entertainment business that were going to stay together. 

On a lighter note, all of my midterm exams have been either postponed (I think) or cancelled! Yey!

My mom is doing okay.  She will have a CT and a bone scan at the end of this week, so I pray that she'll be okay.  Kind of random: Today my aunt and uncle were driving me home and this one guy went through a red light after at least 10 seconds after it had turned green, it seemed like he was going at least 50mph.  It was really scary because we were about 10 feet or so away from the LOSER that ran the red light.  I just thank God that nobody was hurt.

Again, on another light note, my computer class was really fun today.  We worked with Garage Band on Mac and it was really fun! :]

Okay, I think that's about it. 

Hasta luego!
Thanks for reading!
Please pray for my mom, my aunt, and my Comm Arts teacher.


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