Friday, October 29

I'll have "life is crazy" for $500 Alex.

Okay so today my mom had a doctor's appt with the ortho. oncologist, yeah it was ka;ljdl but because we had woken up superrr early my mom and I took a nap while waiting for the doctor, it was nice.  It's moments like that that I'll remember forever.  They switched her from her arm sling to this clam-like looking thing that they put on her upper arm (where her humerus is) it reminds me of the mask in Freddy vs. Jason (even though I've never seen the movie, but it still reminds me of it). I will be driving more but it's okay because I really lovee our silver fox.  It was pretty stressful today but I got my choir dress! yepee! I can't wait til our first concert!  The party that we had in my mass comm class was nice.  I miss orchestra a little.  I want it to be next semester so I can maybe hopefully (cross your fingers) start the whole minor thing THEATREEE my love, I still don't know how this works, college is superr different from high school.  Oh which reminds me today, on my way to chorale, aka choir, I saw this girl with a black eye, I found it really weird because my school is very religious-oriented and then I saw this other girl with this crazy looking scar/open wound, I couldn't really tell and then I realized that the theatre class for stage makeup had just been let out, it was nice.  I really want to be super involved next semester.  We'll see. Ohh AND... I found a penny! (heads up), I was just happy because it was a penny! The ortho. oncologist that my mom went to see today was a little booger, he was just being very negative, and that's really the last thing we need, he was saying that she needed radiation (even though her oncologist said it wasn't necessary) we'll see what happens. 

Please keep praying for my momma!
Thanks for reading!
Until next time!


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