Monday, October 25

Stress with a side of overwhelming

Okay, so saturday was very long.  haha. that's what she said. Wow, am I tired.  But seriously, saturday was a very long DAY, but here's the good news....WE FINALLY GOT A CAR! This silver fox is a 2011 Kia Soul.
This is the car with the commercial with the adorable hamsters (I think they're hamsters) : [that's the video of the 2010 Soul though, but still you get the idea, and plus they are really adorable.]
But it was really crazy because we were out on a test drive with the guy that was trying to sell us the car and we saw two fire trucks and an ambulance pass us by, and like the little baby that I am I just starting crying.  My mom did too.  It was just like the accident played over in my head like a little movie, it was just horrible.  I remember catching my face on the window, crying and seeing panic in my eyes, wow, how I hated that day.  My mom was able to catch a glipse of the people in the 3 car accident, and so did my aunt, the people were standing and okay, there was a PT cruiser and other cars.   Btw, a few weeks ago I had this nightmare that my mom and I were in a car accident, we were in a PT cruiser, who knows why because we have never really cared for PT cruisers, but yeah and so the car flipped and we were in it.  The next thing I see is the ceiling of a hospital, my mom is okay and so I jump to see her up close but then we realize that there was this older lady that was kind of hurt, she had hit her head, and then I think I woke up after that. But...that's why the whole 3 car accident made me cry even more.  We came back to the dealership and my mom and I tried not to cry but it was just really hard.  We got back and everything just got better.  Now we are trying to figure insurance stuff that got messed up by the accident.  We are still very apprehensive about driving because of the accident. It's just aaahakdf;aksjf! but my mom has two doctors appts this week.  One with her primary and one with the ortho. oncologist, I hope she can get her splint off! (cross your fingers!) Other than that, school is still good, I wrote part of my first script today, that was seriously fun!
P.S. My mom cut the tie of the sales guy because that was his first sale! It was really nice. He was nice.  Oh also our silver fox was in the showroom, so they drove it out just for us! :]

I think that's it, until next time!
Thanks for reading!
Keep praying for mi madre!


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