Tuesday, November 30

Almost there!

Okay so today my mom got her clam-like cast-ish thing off her upper arm!!!!! WHOOPEEE! She was super duper excited, as was I.  So she drove a little bit for the first time in over two months! It was good.  While we were at the ortho oncologist's office we saw a girl, about 10 years old, coming out of the inside part of the office with crutches.  She started lifting her right pant leg up because it was too long and I noticed that she had her lower leg bandaged and didn't have a foot.  Honestly, it made me sad because she is such a young girl, she came out saying "Thank you Dr. Williams!" with a bright smile on her face and it just tightened my heart.  She has a good spirit and that is amazing, I pray that she will be okay.  (She had gotten some kind of infection or something like that).  She is such a strong girl.

I am starting to become very very very overwhelmed with my media projects because I don't have a Mac computer and it's basically all we use in my major.  It's crazy, but I'm so proud of myself for finding ways to work around this issue.  I downloaded this music converter thingy ALL BY MYSELF (and it works too!) after all this work of searching for the right program to solve this issue.  I know this probably sounds weird and maybe conceited but I am still pretty proud.  Oh also, the picture to my right is of a Mr. Pricklepants stuffed animal, it made me smile :]  I love Toy Story 3, it's an amazing movie!!!  Well, thanks again for reading and have a pleasant tomorrow! (I've been watching too much SNL-Weekend Update with Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon, haha)


Mimi said...

So happy your mom got her cast thingy off! Woo Hoo! Love to all!

Amy said...

Me too! Yeeepee! Ditto!

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