Friday, November 26

The holidays are finally here!.

So I haven’t blogged in over a week, yeah it’s been pretty crazy around here.  Let's see, my mom is doing well, kind of.  The cancer shmancer is being controlled! :] but lately it's been hard for her to keep her food down, I think it might be because she is really stressed, but I think we are doing better.  On the 19th I registered for my classes.  I got most of the classes that I wanted but I will be able to start working on my classes for my concentration and my MINOR! yeepeee! I will get off from school on the 10th of December and then I'll have about a month off! Yey! 
I've been really stressed though, eh the usual.  I have like three ginormous projects to work on (all media-related) and I'm a bit worried about next semester.  We'll see, I think everything will work out.
OMG, I am in love with a couple of shows (Parenthood and Raising Hope <3) they are amazing! Yesterday was Thanksgiving, it was okay.  My mom wasn't feeling too well, but she's better today.  I am so thankful that she's much better today.  Oh also, the People's Choice Awards are soon!!!! and...the Academy Awards are (I think) on Feb. 27, 2011!!!! :]
Well, I think that's it.  Thanks for reading!
P.S. Here's a little video of something that made me really happy last weekend at my college. <3  Oh and the person going "Awww!" is me, haha.


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