Wednesday, December 1

My love

I love my Yankees :]
I absolutely love this weather! I just got this new NEW YORK YANKEES scarf! I love it!  It's weird because today was the last "regular" day in like 5 out of my 6 classes! My freshman year in college is almost halfway over! Isn't that crazy? Today was really nice because Chorale (choir) was fun! I have been figuring out these media projects more and more (which is totally making me feel smart haha)

My mom's right arm has been hurting her lately, well actually since yesterday, I don't know part of me is worried, but I keep praying that she'll be okay.  I wanted to start writing back in this blog because I noticed that I only wrote 6 posts in November which bugs me because the other months I had like 8, I know that's weird, anyway, I'll try to write more.

Parenthood wasn't on last night :[ but....Grey's Anatomy is on tomorrow!!! :]

P.S. I will be having my first official choir concert on Sunday!!!!

Thanks for reading this totally random blog!


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