Wednesday, November 17


Well I guess you could say today was "one of those days".  My mom's pain patch schedule was messed up because yesterday her oncologist was not there so they couldn't give her the prescription, so she had to wait over 6 extra hours after she was supposed to put her pain patches.  It has happened before, that either one of us forget that she has to change it, but it's never been this bad, the waiting I mean.  She has to change it every 72 hours.  So today was horrible because I couldn't go with her all the way to the other office (that's where the doc is on Wednesdays) because I had presentations today.  It was horrible though because she gets these terrible side effects, she can't hold anything down, she gets chills, it's awful.  I hated her having to be in this tremendous pain. Fortunately she is feeling better now.  This is when I start becoming super nervous though because tomorrow is my mom's appt with the oncologist and I pray to God that the faslodex injection is keeping everything under control. 

About my post yesterday, it has still been hard.  My mom and I were deeply affected by what happened. We keep praying for her, her family and friends.

It's moments like these that everything is so overwhelming (synonym: besieged, kind of).  Cancer, death, tests, projects, lack of time, money chaoticness, schedules, problems with the accident situation, being afraid, being mad, being sad. All running through my head.  (I should do that more, the word blurb thing, it kind of lets me release everything).  This whole blog thing has really helped me get it all out.

Please keep praying.


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