Tuesday, November 16

Up in heaven

On my blog post entitled Hope Floats I wrote about how my mom, my mom's friend and her friend and myself all went to this charismatic thing and that it was really nice to talk to somebody that's going through the same thing as you are. She (Anita) was battling stage 3 cancer.  Even though I only met her once, it didn't take me long to realize how nice (and funny) she was.  The past chemo that she had had was very hard on her.  She passed away very suddendly.  No words can express how truly sad I am, my mom and I have been praying for her and her family and friends.  Her passing has hit me very hard because the whole idea of "I just saw her" (kind of) hit me.  My mom and I were going to visit her in the hospital today.  I absolutely hate this.  I wish there was something I could do. 

My mom won't have her pain patches until tomorrow in the afternoon, which means she will be in extreme pain, because she needs the prescription but the doctor isn't here (in town).  I guess it's just everything that's pilled up, but I'm extremely sad and angry.  This will pass, just like it always does. 

I am so overwhelmed but I feel that as time passes everything will work itself out.  Right now I'm just trying to think of other things besides anything related to cancer and death.  This thursday is my mom's appt with the oncologist, I pray that he will have good news that it isn't spreading.  Her appt with the endocrinologist (diabetes doctor) was moved to the 30th.

My aunt is in the hospital for some testing to see what they are going to do about her heart valve situation.  She will be there today and tomorrow.

Please pray for my mom,  Anita and her family and friends, and my aunt.


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