Sunday, November 14


Well I haven't blogged for a little over a week. Yeah, things have been crazy.  My mom has two doctor's appointments this week. It's making me a little stressed, well actually, no, pretty stressed.  Thursday she has the appt with the oncologist. Yeah, I'm scared. I keep praying that the Faslodex injections are continuing to work.  We got our license plates for the car! Yey! I am more confident about my schedule for next semester (hopefully, it will work) but I'm pretty excited.  My aunt's birthday was this past friday, but this coming week she'll have tests done for her heart and stuff.  That's another thing that's making me stressed, I'm sick and tired of all these health problems, you know? I just want my mommy and all the people I know (like my aunt) to be okay.  I pray everynight but sometimes it just hits me, right now it's not as bad but sometimes I have those sucky days.  I am applying for this scholarship, let's hope I get it.  I really want a haircut. 
I'll try to write more.  I think that's it for now.

Thanks for reading.
Please keep praying!


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