Friday, December 31

Bye Bye, until next year!

Okay so it's seriously like just hitting me that 2010 is pretty much over...CRAZYYY! I guess this is usually when people start talking about all the amazing and unforgettable things they remember from the previous year so here it goes.... 2nd semester of senior year, senior traditions, prom :), 18th birthday!, graduation :) :) , our 2nd year of dealing with my mom's disease, license (after not wanting one for a long time), college!, first real car accident, my mom's first and only broken bone *knock on wood*, ohh, choir!, new car!, new phone!, first GPS, all A's in my first semester of college...I think that's it.

Although this year has been super stressful and overwhelming and chaotic, it has been one of the most rewarding, I mean I graduated a Summa! My dream since my freshman year of high school! I am definitely looking forward to 2011.  Let's see, starting my minor in theatre!!!!!, my 19th birthday, 3rd year of my mom kicking cancer's booty, hopefully being in the Dean's List and in the Honor Society for Freshmen, and then being a sophomore in college...crazy! Oh, I also want to start doing my community service with the Humane Society and finally start giving violin lessons!

My New Year's Resolution: To be happier and stronger.

Let's see, other than this whole New Year's thing, my mom has been really stressed lately because she has labs next week, and we are just getting scared.  I really try not to think about it.  I just want her to know that everything will be okay.

Oh, I've learned that I really really like cappuccinos :) and that I love Starbucks!

Well thanks for reading! Until next year!


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