Monday, December 27


Okay, so Christmas is over and long gone :( I felt like this holiday season kind of flew by, I don't know.  I am still pretty stressed about my mom and this whole chemo/faslodex, did-they-mess-the-paper-up-thing.  But, I'm trying to be positive.  I got really amazing presents and my mom lasted pretty long on Christmas without being tooo tooo tired.  I got a GPS!!!! I got some gift cards!!!! And other stuff as well.  Oh, my mom and I were supposed to have a haircut today but the girl that cuts my hair is sick :( I hope she feels better soon.  They offered that I get another person, but I'm used to Hayley (the girl that got sick) and she's really nice so yeah, we'll get our hair cut on the 7th of January.  I know it probably doesn't sound so important but our hair appt. was supposed to be on Sept. 17 but that was three days after our car accident, and this hair appt. was another reminder that everything was getting back to normal.  Well, it's okay though. Ohh!!! also, it's crazy, on Christmas Eve it rained for the first time since the beginning of September.  Our car accident occurred on Sept. 14, kind of mid Sept. I guess you could say, and it didn't rain AT ALL until Christmas Eve when we were safe and sound and had a car.  The entire time we were car-less we took the bus, we walked, we took cabs, it was SUPER CHAOTIC.  I know it probably sounds dumb to say this but I feel like God protected us throughout this ordeal and prevented it from raining.

Well, I think this is for now.  I'll try to write before next year!! (haha)
Oh! Happy Kwanzaa!


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