Sunday, January 2

Is it really necessary?

Okay so I will end this blog with nice happy thoughts but right now I am using this blog to vent.  Okay, so I am majoring in Communication Arts with a Concentration in Production with a Minor in Theatre.  I want to be a Television Producer of shows like Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, or Late Night With Jimmy Fallon or Saturday Night Live, (most likely Parenthood-like shows).  I thought that when I started college people would respect me because I am working to get a degree as opposed to dropping out and quitting, because now days we have opportunities (as cheesy as this may sound) and boy was I wrong.   I have been surprised to have several people put me down because I have decided not to study to become a teacher or a doctor, you know more traditional jobs, but instead more of a non-tradition job like television producing.  Even before I graduated some people began criticizing me and questioning my interests like "Really? Communications?" or "Media Studies, yeah that sounds like hard work" and since school started I have gotten more of it from more science-y people.  "Acting in Everyday Life? Wow, that sounds hard" or "I'm actually taking classes that matter" almost insinuating that I am studying something pointless or unimportant or useless, which honestly makes me not even want to tell them anything related to school, which I have desperately tried to do.  What makes it okay for people to feel like they are better than somebody else and put others down? I have tried to take the sweeter approach and almost joke about it and said "Whatever, that's what I like, I don't criticize you for liking what you like, so stop" but now, I'm honestly tired of it.
I want to be a television producer and create shows that make people laugh (most of all) and think.  I think a big part of my decision to study to become this is because of my mom's disease.  (As weird and dumb and depressing as this may sound, ) I don't want to focus on reality because sometimes reality sucks, I want to bring happiness to people, because that's what television brings to me, and it's much more than just sitting down and watching television.  Television creates a world for people to be entertained, I mean if it wasn't for producers and actors and writers and people like that, people's favorite shows would not even be here, same thing for movies.  I like what I like and it's not going to change.  Just because I don't want to be a doctor or a teacher doesn't mean that what I do with my life is pointless or even that I am pointless.

Another thing, my aunt is going to have heart surgery tomorrow, I am not sounding all resentful and everything because I'm under stress because this has been going on long before this extreme stress.  I am worried for my aunt, I am obviously worried for my mom, I am worried about my school hours and not being able to be close to home because of commuting, I am worried about a lot of things.

Some of our amazing baby pancakes :)
Well, I said that I would end this blog with happy thoughts so here they are: my mom and I made pancakes yesterday, well I started to but (because this is the first time I've ever attempted to make them) they didn't really look like pancakes and this was a different way that my mom used to make, so then she helped me, anyway they were AMAZING!!! we actually made a lot of little baby pancakes along with more breakfast foods :)  Oh also........................ HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yey, it's 2011!

Okay, well that's it, and thanks for bearing with me and my venting.  Please pray for my mom and my aunt!


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