Sunday, December 5

First semester=almost done.....WHAT?

So today was really nice! I had my very first Chorale (choir) concert! It was really really nice.  It was crazy though because it was a lot of people's last concert and it was my first concert, very symbolic. This week are finals, boo...but I have like 3 media-related project finals, two of them are already done! I made my first video this past weekend along with my first webpage this past week.  I have been very busy lately with all these 2nd semester things.  Aaah!
On the other hand, my mom is doing pretty good.  She started driving and I am not so stressed when it comes to the car situation.  Except that the other day there was this accident, my mom and I couldn't see it, all we saw were the fire trucks and police cars and it just brought back horrible memories, but we are okay now.
I am actually really excited for next semester, I cannot believe it's just around the corner.  Oh and plus, Christmas is less than 20 days away!!!! Yepeee! I love the holidays and this amazing weather!

Oh here is something that I saw the other day at my school.  It totally reminded me of Grey's Anatomy :] Haha. Dr. Yang=Sandra Oh

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