Thursday, December 9

It's gotta be a sign

So I love fortune cookies, I collect fortunes and have been doing so for a while now (trust me this is relevant). Okay so today my mom, my aunt and I went to Panda Express and when opening our own fortune cookies this is what we saw:

My mom's fortune
 And my fortune  ---->

Isn't that amazing? My mom's fortune seriously like made my week, heck, month even! I believe very strongly in signs and I feel like this was one.  I have stressing very much lately about my mom and her health, but this just lifted my spirits tremendously.  Mine was pretty nice as well because of the whole college/career/future stress but yeah, it made me feel better.  My aunt's fortune read: "Lend a hand to one less fortunate than yourself", which is totally ironic because she has been helping us SOOOOO much. I am definitely putting these in the "collection" that I have.  I just love awesome fortunes!
                                                                                                           Oh also the other day, well, actually yesterday, I saw this leaf on the ground and I picked it up and took it all the way to my classroom where I was going to have my last final, or (final final, haha) and I took a picture of it so I could show people :) Well, thanks for reading!


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