Wednesday, December 15

Screen covers and pink bubble wrap

Okay, so it's that time of the month.  No, not that one, it's the one when my mom sees her oncologist.  She has to see him tomorrow morning.  I am not gonna lie, I'm pretty scared.  Today we went Christmas shopping and boy were we exhausted! I mean, like it's normal to be super tired after shopping for 4 HOURS but my mom wasn't doing well at all.  I was terrified, it reminded me of those super bad times that her pain has been awful.  Thank God she is doing much better.  We even treated ourselves to some presents when we were shopping, we got some screen covers for our new phones! Oh yeah, we got new phones! They are pretty amazing.  We'll anyway, yeah we got screen covers so that they wouldn't get scratched, we are so OCD sometimes hahaha.  I got like 30 feet of plastic bubble wrap, excuse me, PINK plastic bubble wrap, (Susan G. Komen-y), I'm pretty excited about it.

I am super tired.  I am glad the holidays are here though.  This is kind of random but I really wanna help with the Susan G. Komen foundation some time in college.  I am kind of worried about next semester's hours,  on thursdays my classes are 7:30-8:45am and then at 4:30-5:45pm and then 6-8:45pm, I'm just worried.

Please pray for my mommy and that her faslodex (chemo-y) injections are working.
Thanks for reading!


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