Tuesday, January 25

Acting and Italian

Okay so first of all: My mom is doing very well! :) Yey! Although her white blood cells are a bit low, it's just a sign that the chemo is killing some cells (hopefully more bad ones than good ones) but she is doing pretty good.  Also, I finally had my first lab in Anatomy and Physiology I and it was kind of interesting, it wasn't too bad.  Today in acting we finally presented ourselves as our partners, and I would say that it went  well, I wore boy basketball shorts and a big t-shirt, it felt super weird, but I think I got the message across that my partner is into sports.  That was pretty fun.  Next class we are going to watch the video of us acting as the other person, can you say AWKARD? Anyway, I hope it's not so bad.  I really enjoy that class. :)

Okay so I REALLY REALLY want to learn Italian, especially since I have become semi-obsessed with this show called "Cake Boss" on TLC, I just want to be able to speak Italian because it sounds so interesting and I love the bond that Italians have with one another and I could speak with them in Hoboken one day-Buddy and his Cake Boss peeps :)

Well this is a pretty short blog post but I wanted to write sooner that last time so I wouldn't have this ginormous blog post with lots of text so I will keep these short and simple. :)

I think that's it for now.  Thank you for reading. Please keep praying that my momma's chemo continues to work.  <3

P.S. I am looking for a job! Crazy, I know.  I have applied to Starbucks and this Mexican Restaurant close by, so cross your fingers*.  (I love the smell of coffee <3, random, I know.)


Anonymous said...

Thank God your momma is doing better! This is a sign! I'm still praying for her/wishing her well/sending good vibes etc etc everyday. :) I hope she stays well, and I hope you are de-stressing for the time being. You deserve it, Amy! And good luck on the job hunt. ;)

Amy said...

Thank you!

Not to be awkward, but who are you? :)
I just wanna put a face to the comment you know?

Okay, thanks :]

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