Friday, January 21

Corn on the Cob and a Dollar Bill

Okay so this week has been super crazy.  Wednesday was my mom's first chemo for the third time, if that makes sense.  This time it was in a different office because their clientele is expanding, which really only means that more people are being diagnosed with cancer, or at least that's how I think of it.  Anyway, they require a bigger office now so we went to their new office on wednesday, and boy, was it big!!! It was really nice though, their chemo room is like close to 7 times as big as their old chemo room used to be and they have very modern decorations, it's nice.  Well unfortunately I had to go to school that day but I was going to pick my mom up between my breaks, which on wednesdays is like a three hour long break so it was perfect.  When I picked her up she was doing pretty well, it was amazing.  The day before was a nightmare, she was shaking and under extreme stress, I was very happy to see my mom doing so much better.  As much as I hate chemo and the horrible effects it sometimes has on her, it gives me hope that this chemo is working and controlling the cancer.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in my couple of last posts that last week my veneer fell off :( Okay so yeah, I had a veneer on my top left lateral incisor (I'm pretty sure that's what it's called) and I could only chew mainly on the right side of my mouth because the veneer is pretty fragile so yeah anyway it fell off while I was eating a salad! Isn't that crazy? It was a pretty good salad though, it was a caesar salad :) Anyway so my mom and I had been trying to find a dentist that could fix it, but it was taking a while.  By the way, I also have a fake tooth, yeah, it's crazy, it's on my retainer, anyway, I haven't been able to eat corn on the cob since I got my veneer put on like three years ago, so I was like "Mom! Let's buy some corn on the cob so I can eat it!" yeah, pretty dorky of me, but yeah, I ate like three of those in a course of two days. haha.  Well, long story short, I can't get the veneer put back on, or at all really because the better option for my situation is a crown, which nobody ever told me, but whatever, so that is being put on hold for now, just like my implant (tooth) so I can pretty much eat corn on the cob whenever I want and also pickles (another food I couldn't eat because of my veneer)!!!! :) Well, I could eat pickles but not without cutting it up, old lady style, so I'm excited to eat pickles without having to cut them up. Haha.

Wow, this is a long post, sorry y'all, I've just got soo much to say! I'm almost done.  Oh yeah, I found this one dollar bill in my wallet and I was about to use to buy a coke when I noticed what it said, so I kept it :) Also, in Chorale, we have this really amazing piece it's African-inspired, totally amazing! Chorale is super fun. Oh and Acting is seriously like one of my highlights of the week, it's really nice, everybody is so nice, and I get to pretend to be an athletic boy next class! Like that's so much fun! I probably sound like a total dork, but what else is new? Haha. Oh and my History of Christianity class is so interesting, now if only we didn't need to have quizzes and tests, that would be nice :)

Well, thanks for reading this super long blog post, I will try to keep them shorter. Thanks to all who prayed for my mom, the prayers are deeply appreciated :) Keep praying that her side effect (muscle pain) doesn't get bad.  Thank you guys! :)


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