Friday, January 14

And this is when it gets hard again

In my previous blog post I mentioned how terrified I was about my mom's cancer growing again and, well, it is.  Yeah, this feeling is pretty sucky.  I had mentioned in another post that my mom and I have this way of knowing if they are going to give us good news or bad news, if NP comes in, then it's good news, and if my mom's oncologist comes in then it could be good or bad.  Well, this theory was wrong because on thursday, the NP came into the office and told us that my mom's cancer markers were a bit higher.  This time, my mom and I didn't break down.  This time it was like we knew.  I guess you could say that we are somehow always prepared for things to not exactly going the way we want them to.  Of course I did cry a bit, but it's like sometimes after you've cried so much, you get so exhausted and realize that, whether you like the situation or not, everything happens for a reason.  It could also be that it hasn't really sunk in, but my mom will be starting chemotherapy again (3rd time) this coming wednesday, she will be having chemo once every three weeks unless the oncologist decides it should be changed.  I have been avoiding thinking about this coming wednesday because I won't be able to be there for my mom, I will drop her off and then go to school and then pick her up, the chemo will take about 4hrs, so tuesday will be when we prepare the "chemo bag" filled with stuff she may need during chemo. She also has a new pain medication, it's in tablet form this time, which makes us feel a bit safer.  Yeah, this whole situation sucks. I will stop writing about this because it's depressing.

Cool church at my university

So let's see, my acting class is probably my favorite class this semester.  I have to act like my partner for this coming assignment, and let's just say he's pretty much the entire opposite of me, so I'm excited.  I am also helping judge this Interp. tournament thing at my old high school, which I'm excited about as well.  Oh and we got two pieces in chorale, which makes me excited.

Well, until next time! Please keep praying for my mom and that this chemo won't have sucky side effects and that it will help my mom. Prayers mean the world to me.

Thank you.


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